The Resilient Pastor Podcast

Join pastor and Barna Senior fellow, Dr. Glenn Packiam, as he invites leaders to think out loud together about the challenges and opportunities of church leadership in a rapidly changing world. In each episode, he will highlight a key bit of Barna data or an insight into the challenges pastors are facing. Then, he’ll host a conversation with a pastor, church leader, thinker or theologian about the health of the pastor, the state of the church and what it looks like to love well and lead faithfully.

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Trailer: Introducing the Resilient Pastor Podcast

Welcome to the Resilient Pastor podcast! In this short trailer, Dr. Glenn Packiam (pastor and Barna Senior fellow) invites leaders to join him as he hosts conversations about the challenges and opportunities of church leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Episode 1: Rich Villodas on Pastoral Burnout, Differentiation & the Understanding Trauma

In this first episode, Rich Villodas (Pastor of New Life Fellowship) joins host Glenn Packiam to talk about pastoral health and the effects of trauma. Together, they discuss setting healthy boundaries as a pastor, how the Church can grow in trauma awareness and why the health of the pastor is vital for the well-being of the broader church community.

Episode 2: Tara Beth Leach on Leading through Grief & Suffering

Tara Beth Leach (pastor, preacher, writer) joins host Glenn Packiam to share about leading through personal loss and grief, finding hope in the local church and her encouragement for women leading in ministry.

Episode 3: Steve Cuss on Leadership Anxiety, Counseling & Pastoral Relationships

Steve Cuss (author, consultant) sits down with Glenn Packiam to discuss the challenges of cultivating close friendships as a pastor, encouragement for leaders addressing their own mental health and why loneliness is a systemic issue for many pastors.

Episode 4: Joy Clarkson on Rethinking Happiness & Finding Better Metaphors for Your Life

Dr. Joy Clarkson (author and theologian) joins host Glenn Packiam to discuss a new definition of happiness for believers, how we understand our limitations through the metaphors we choose and the importance of accepting your circumstances as a leader.

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